New Nordman all weather tire

Nordman Solstice 4

Durability, stability, solid winter grip, and excellent handling in all weather conditions


Solstice 4

Nordman Solstice 4 all weather tire offers solid performance for all weather conditions. The tire is stable and durable and offers solid winter grip and excellent handling on wet, dry and snowy roads. Made to balance winter traction and summertime handling, Nordman tires roll safely and comfortably through rain, snow, and slush. The sporty all-weather performance is powered by the modern SolsticeTech solutions to take control on the road, while the driver takes control of their direction. 

All-Weather Balance

SolsticeTech 4 Tread

The asymmetrical SolsticeTech 4 tread offers balance between winter traction and summertime handling. Its stiff outer shoulder, stable center siping and curved inner shoulder combine to let the Nordman Solstice 4 roll safely and comfortably.

Advanced Gripping Power

SolsticeTech 4 Siping

The Nordman Solstice 4 achieves excellent winter grip thanks to semi-open SolsticeTech 4 siping in the shoulders, as well as lateral supporting zigzags and closed 3D locking sipes in the center. SolsticeTech 4 siping keeps drivers safe on snowy and slushy roads.

Adaptive Performance

SolsticeTech 4 Compound

SolsticeTech 4 all-weather compound is made to remain soft in frigid temperatures but durable enough to withstand summer heat, a balance achieved through rigorous testing in cold and hot locales. It delivers sporty performance powered by natural rubber and canola oil.

Nordman tires for your direction

Designed by Nokian Tyres in Finland, the Nordman tire brand offers solid performance for a variety of weather conditions. Learn more on our homepage.